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Solar Pumps

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Solar Pumps

Technical Specifications :

  • When solar energy is sufficient then water pump will operate at maximum rpm resulting maximum output through solar through MPPT & VFD.
  • When solar energy is weak then VFD is taking DC source from solar & balance AC power from grid to operate the pump at maximum rpm to result maximum output.
  • When solar energy is absent then if you wish then grid can operate pump by usual ways such as in night time.

Technical Features:

  • Uses MPPT Technology to maximize water delivery at solar energy levels.
  • Field Oriented Vector control Inverter with Built In Smart Logic to control
  • The motor to be operated from solar panels, together with auto start, auto
    • Restart, dry run protection and restart, on-off programmable timer function as
    • A single composite unit.
  • Built in EMC Filter and toroidal DC Choke.
  • DC Voltage range: 580-630 VDC
  •  This solution will work only with conventional modules.
  •  Suitable for any AC Motor pump of 400VAC, 3-PH, 50Hz+/- 2Hz.
  • Suitable for 45 deg C Ambient
  • 110% Overload for 60sec
  • Speed regulation of 1:100
  •  Suitable for output cable lengths up to 100 meters.
  • Protected against short circuit of phase to phase, phase to ground/ earth.
  •  CE, UL approved
  •  Galvanized sheet metal body
  •  Water level control On/Off Feature.
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