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Adhiam offering a wide range of superior quality Plate Heat Exchanger,Gasketed plate heat exchanger ,Semi welded Plate Heat Exchanger, Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger,Free flow plate heat exchanger


Since the inception ,Adhiam have achieved unprecedented success in this business sphere and have been offering products and services to several OEM and Contractors. Adhiam is having extensive experience in the promotion of products for various industries in cooperation with our technical partner We are in association with European MNCs for components procurement and Technical Support in the field of plate heat exchanges .

We offer our customer manufacturing , supply and service of the plate heat exchangers. We have experience in Plate Heat Exchanger field with more than two decades.

We specialize in supply of Quality spares and offer value added services for ALL MAKES OF Plate Heat Exchanger.

We have associated with various well reputed companies for solar Flat Plate collectors, Solar PV panels,Solar Inverter—off grid and On grid ,electronic components .

We supply solar Water heating systems to various Industries in association with well with reputed company who are ISO certified.SWH provide good payback. We have developed our state of art technology in Solar Air Heating systems and supply to various drying applications.

As a system integrator of solar PV devices, we have been installing various Solar PV power plant of capacity starting from 1 KW.

Our team members have got more than 20 years Experience in this field and capable of offering the suitable technical solutions to our customers. Our Qualified and motivated personnel ensure a consistently high level of Quality on the products and on the services .

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