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Adhiam offering a wide range of superior quality Plate Heat Exchanger,Gasketed plate heat exchanger ,Semi welded Plate Heat Exchanger, Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Heat Transfer Products

Solar Energy Products

Energy Efficient LED lights

High Efficiency of Heat transfer plates,Wide distribution pattern are some of the quality characteristics of our Products.It helps our customer high productivity by reducing the down time.
To take advantages of solar energy, the variety of technologies is used to convert solar energy to heat and electricity.
Lighting fixtures are extremely versatile and fit wide range of industrial and commercial applications. We specialise in custom made-to-order and retro fit solutions that is manufactured to fit your needs.


Adhiam focuses on Energy conservation, Energy optimization, Green Energy solutions through our technological Alliances with various European MNCs and Indian corporates. Adhiam makes investments and associations continuously and consistently to strengthen the company’s product ranges and to offer our customer advanced and cost effective technical solutions.


Safety and the environment, innovation and creativity, Collaboration and team work, transparency, Business Integrity .



Adhiam aim to create better living for people by offering innovative and energy efficient products. The world is concentrating on better climatic conditions. The world is looking for ways to reduce pollution, supply clean water, consume less energy and find renewable sources of energy.

The recent study shows that Greenhouse gas emissions could cause a 1.8 to 6.3° Fahrenheit rise in temperature during the next century, if atmospheric levels are not reduced. Although this change may appear small, it could produce extreme weather events, such as droughts and floods; threaten coastal resources and wetlands by raising sea level; and increase the risk of certain diseases by producing new breeding sites for pests and pathogens. Agricultural regions and woodlands are also susceptible to changes in climate that could result in increased insect populations and plant disease. This degradation of natural ecosystems could lead to reduced biological diversity.

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